Digital into Real

We Build Our Planet

When we think about “metaverse”, we actually don’t imply only the creation of virtual worlds, but also the iteration of digital objects and people within a physical environment. In our campaign for “Webuild” we imagined how a future dance performance or creative session might look like.

Our dancers – former Staatsoper soloist Jens Weber and Friedrichstadtpalast dancer Gabriela Pernambuco – impersonate two builders of our construction company imagining projects and being able to materialize them in the air – as it will be possible to actually do with holographic technology in a few years.

We move at the border between imagination and creation, with the idea that everything that exists had to be dreamt first. The metaverse is therefore a digital enhancement of this generation process and empowers those who are brave enough to think beyond.

Italian construction company “Impregilo” was founded in 1959 and recently decided to rebrand itself as “Webuild”. In this video we are launcihng the new name showing two dancers interacting with holograms of Webuild projects.

This is a rather innovative approach not just for Webuild, but for the construction industry as well. The usual style of visual communication is made out of triumphal music and some drone shots of dams, bridges and railroads.

The campaign includes a main, longer video and clips for social dissemination, and opens the possibility to create online/offline performances for Webuild. Future building site openings can be celebrated with videomapping and holographic experiences related to this concept.

“Webuild our planet” is the main claim, expressing the idea that the company is aware of its social role and of the broad significance of its infrastructures. Highways, interconnections and clean energy solutions enhance a planet system that becomes more sustainable and supportive of our civilization.


Agency: Daring House
Concept and direction: Stefano Casertano
Camera: Leo Ferri
Starring: Jens Weber and Gabriela Pernambuco
Assistant Director: Lily Sievers
Costumes: Gregor Marvel
Make-up: Lorena Eracle
Production Assistants: Jonathan Freschi and Eugenio Monaci
Backstage camera: Edoardo Mattos

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