Commercial storytelling: The Kids Agency


Berlin is a global capital where you can find everything you wish: culture, music, sex, drugs, adventure, friendship, love. Still, Berlin is missing something that many other metropoles have: a Chinese neighborhood.

The geniuses from the Kids Agency came up then with the idea of creating an entire Chinese quartier in a basement – with all you might think of in terms of street food, underground clubs and entertainment.

This is how pop-up restaurant “ChinaChinaTown” was born. Yet, the experience had to be told somehow differently than the usual.

We decided to create a short-film with the story of a girl escaping the perils of a distopian city and seeking a safe-harbor in the dark atmosphere of ChinaChinaTown. The scenery is inspired by the sci-fi films such as Blade Runner or Altered Carbon.


Direction, concept, camera: Stefano Casertano
Production assistant: Lily Sievers
Music: Planty Herbs
Agency: The Kids Berlin