Immersive Fiction Film and Virtual Exhibition

Tales of the March

In the winter between 1944 and 1945, thousands of prisoners were ordered by the SS to leave the concentration camps and walk towards Germany.

This historical tragedy is the last act of the Shoah and is called the “Death Marches”. Of some 750,000 people subject to this ordeal, 250,000 could not survive.

Daring House teamed up with the Death Marches Archive in Below Forest (Germany) and collected documents from the Yad Vashem, the Washington Holocaust Memorial Museum and many other institutions.

“Tales of the March” premiered at the 80. Venice Film Festival in 2023, as part of the official selection in the “Venice Immersive” section.


Written and directed by: Stefano Casertano
Production: Stefano Casertano for Daring House and Tim Deussen for Studio Deussen
Audio design: Nirto Karsten Fischer for NSONICS
Starring: Jens Weber, André Mann
Executive production: Lily Sievers
Costumes: Gregor Marvel
Make-up: Monique Bredow

Distribution: Rai Cinema

“Tales of the march” has been realized with the support of Biennale College VR and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

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