We are happy to announce that our VR project “Tales of the march” has been selected by the 80. Venice International Film Festival for the “Venice Immersive” section. 

Daring House would like to thank the Venice Biennale for the great opportunity. This achievement is the result of the joint effort of a fantastic group of individuals, and in particular of our co-producer Tim Deussen of Studio Deussen.

“Tales of the march” is written and directed by Stefano Casertano and has been interpreted by Jens Weber and André Mann in the main roles; and enjoys the participation of singer Dana Marbach and pianist Ammiel Bushakevitz.

The audio design – one of the defining features of the project – has been Developed by Nirto Karsten Fischer of NSonics.

Volumetric capture – the coolest thing you can do in VR – is the work of Martin Demmer.

In the production we used the costumes created for “Inglorius Basterds”, arranged and refined by Gregor Marvel

Our special thanks go to the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and Mrs. Pola Weiß for believing in this project

We are looking forward to meeting you in Venice from 30. August to 10. September 2023!

For press inquiries, please contact Mrs. Lily Caroline Sievers at: [email protected]