We build our planet” is the new branding campaigned created by Daring House for primary construction company “Webuild”.

The communication focuses on the social role of Webuild, a global player in the area of infrastructures. Be it bridges, hydroelectric plants, solar panels or sustainable buildings, Webuild develops complex projects all around the world. Webuild is a 70,000 people strong company with presence in 50 countries. 

This multi-channel campaign leverages TV, social media and streaming channels to convey messages of sustainability and development, marking the beginning of a new industrial strategy in the building sector.

The campaign is set to reinvent the brand of the global construction player and will be broadcasted in 2021.


“Webuild our Planet” is a branding campaign created and developed by Daring House. Our campaign lead is Stefano Casertano, our DoP is Leo Ferri, our dancers are Jens Weber and Gabriela Miranda Pernambuco, our shooting city is Berlin.

You can follow Webuild on its Insta here: https://www.instagram.com/webuildgroup/