Nine songs.
Nine videos.
Another World.

We partnered with Rome-based DJ duo “The ReLoud” to create all the music videos for their new album. We developed nine stories for nine feelings, following unique traits of art, style and imagination. We drew our inspiration from contemporary dance and performances, as well as pop videos of the 1980s. 

A partnership for the arts

and the music

Daring House and TheReloud teamed up to compose the scripts of the videos, select the performers and the filming crew, and cooperate to define costumes and locations.

We provided complete production, shooting and post-production services, including visual effects and color grading. 


the album

Ep. 1 - Sutra (Gàte Gàte) (feat. Deva Premal)

Ep. 2 - Armonium (feat. Saturnino and Majozi)

Ep. 3 - Genesis (Than I Jump)

Ep. 4 - Columbus' Round

Ep. 5 - You Just You

The trip to the Other Side is due continue in the coming months with four more videos.


From an idea by Alex Tripi and Nello Greco a.k.a The ReLOUD and Stefano Casertano
Written by Alex Tripi and Nello Greco a.k.a The ReLOUD and Stefano Casertano
Directed by: Stefano Casertano
Photography: Stefano Casertano
Assistant director: Gabriele De Rossi
Art Director: Maddalena Bireau
Editing Assistant: Eugenio Monaci
Shooting and Production: Daring House
Production: Daring House
Executive production: Other Side Records / Creandi Group Srl
Executive producer: Stefano Casertano, Alessandro Tripi, Aniello Greco
Set and costume designer: Maddalena Bireau
Make up artist: Alice Tagiietti
Cast: Alex Tripi, Nello Greco, Maddalena Bireau, Alice Celentano, Giulia Pelagatti, Costantino Imperatore
Special thanks to: Vincenzo Giangrasso, Nicole Foley
Music: Written, Arranged and Produced by: Alex Tripi and Nello Greco a.k.a The ReLOUD
Mixed by Gianni Bini at House of Glass studios
Mastered by Giuliano Radiciotti

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