There Was Once a Sea

Docmentary, Color, Israel/Germany, 86′

  • Written and directed by Stefano Casertano
  • Executive Producer: Antonio Padovani
  • Original Music: Maya Stern
  • Cinematography: Kai Oliver Goldmann
  • With: Moran Sanderovich, Eli Raz, Eitan Campbell, Mira Edelstein, Gundi Schahal

The Dead Sea: a gem of natural beauty between Israel and Jordan, at the lowest point on Earth (-422 meters below the sea level). It is a lake in the desert, full of minerals and salts creating new colors at every hour of the day. Yet, due to the action of man, the Dead Sea will disappear within 20 years.

Director Stefano Casertano spent one year following the life of people living around the sea, to capture their feelings towards the loss of their beloved place. There are stories of resistance, resignation, nostalgia. “There Was Once a Sea” is a mystic travel in the desert, with its strong lights and its night winds, its warm and silent people attached to its sands and rocks –trying to defend it from the impending civilization.