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We are on the verge of a Second Digital Revolution that will impact the way we work, communicate, socialize and spend our free time.

Our Metaverse Seminar is a journey to the frontier of the New Digital Society.

Course topics: Definition of Metaverse, NFT and cryptos and how they are linked / Branding in the Metaverse / Creating value in the Metaverse / Art in the Metaverse / Socialising in the Metaverse (if you didn't grow up with Minecraft) / What happens to the old web?

The seminar is held by Daring House director Stefano Casertano, alumn of the Venice Biennale College for Virtual Reality and creator of immersive experiences for exhibitions and events.

What is the link between cryptocurrencies, NFTs and the Metaverse?


The New Digital Revolution requires entirely new strategies to reach people. 

How should you update your strategies to keep up with a constantly changing environment? Is the metaverse truly the new frontier of communication? Should my company open a Tik-Tok account?

Our approach is straightforward: do just what you need. A metaverse presence, socials, an engaging Instagram channel: they are required only if they respond to the specific needs of your brand.

Daring House helps you to define the best-fit for your communication needs, giving up the hype for the sake of what actually works. We build on a combined 50+ years of experience to make your brand thrive.

From brand-building to brand-restructuring: Daring House consulting.


How are blockchain, crypto and the metaverse linked? A fundamental seminar to understand the economy of tomorrow, based on the experience of Daring House with VR and interactive media. The seminar can be onlin, on site, hybrid or on the Fortnite metaverse.




  • Visual branding strategy: integrated video, social and commercial approach
  • Rebranding strategy
  • Immersive experiences for meetings, promotional events and conferences
  • Creation of Augmented Reality experiences for promotion and education
  • Set-up of internal visual content production capabilities
  • Media training in video and social communication
  • Media training in new digital forms (metaverse, NFT)
  • Investment evaluation for media projects (due diligence)
  • Strategic consulting for media companies
  • Media operations optimization
  • Media production outsourcing / insourcing
  • Organization models for media companies
  • Intercultural marketing strategies
  • Media culture projects