Daring House is present in Berlin,
London, Rome and Milan.

Line Production

We can manage your production in German-speaking countries taking care of all the managerial aspects of the project


Be it scouting or management, we know the best places for your needs and we take care of the paperwork. We do it also for crazy reality shows.


We move people, cars and cameras. Our projects range from larger productions, to smaller shootings with many locations.


We source the best people to create the perfect crew for your shooting, both for the tech crew and the cast (and the extras!)


references (selection)

"X-Factor Gianna Nannini concert in Berlin", Fremantle Media, Production support and camera service, 2019

"30 years after the Berlin Wall", Mediaset, Production support and camera service, 2019

"X-Factor Home Visits 2019", Fremantle Media, Location scouting and management, production support, 2019

“Berlin Fashion Week”, Publicis Media (Europe) – Production management, camera & cutting service, 2019

“Jag Music Lab”, Reality Show, Publicis Media (Europe) – Camera service, 2018

“Master of Photography”, Reality Show, Sky (Europe) – Production & Location management, 2018

“Artist in Love”, Documentary Series, Sky (Europe) – Location management & camera service, 2018

German Elections Special, TV-News, Mediaset (Italy) – Producing and live broadcasting (LiveU), 2018

“I am”, Film production, Koch Media – Location and production management in Dresden, 2018

Rocca Paolina permanent video installation "Perugia Folgora" - Production and creative direction, 2018

“S-Moda”, Photoshooting and Backstage video, Presentation of the new Gucci Collection – Production, 2018

“S-Moda”, Complete photoshooting for the Berlin Fashion Week, 2018

“Terra!”, TV-News, “The case of Elias”, Mediaset (Italy) – Producing and camera service, 2018

“Di Martedì”, TV-News, “Legal prostitution in Germany”, La7 (Italy) – Producing and camera service, 2016

“Terra!”, TV-News, “The success of the German Industry”, Mediaset (Italy) – Producing and camera service, 2016

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