Comedy Web Series + Music Videos


“Zaubertanz” is a comedy web series based on the songs by folk musician Sammy Folks, with the participation of Insta personalities Günther von Krabbbenhöft und Britt Kanja, aka the “Hipster Grampas”. 

The story is inspired by 1960s crime films between comedy and thriller, further developing into an absurd science-fiction episode a-la Barbarella. It involves the case of some stole diamond, a thief on the run, and an improbable detective after her.

The series has been produced by Volker Sahm (Backyard Productions) and Daring House, and directed by Stefano Casertano. 


Production: Daring House & Backyard Production
Direction: Stefano Casertano
Concept and script: Volker Sahm, Stefano Casertano, Robert F. Martin, Kathrein Unger
Camera: Jana Pape
Starring: Günther von Krabbenhöft, Britt Kanja, Sammy Folks
Music producer by: Momo Djender
Art direction: Thea Graupp, Caroline Weidemann
Costumes: Gregor Marvel
Face painting: Nadia Nauwoma
Matte Painting: Maddalena Bireau
Visual effects: Daring House