Music Video series + Installation: TheReLoud

To the Other Side


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In 2020 producers duo TheReLoud released the album “To the Other Side” with the aim of creating a journey into the most diverse dimensions of electronic music. The collection of nine tracks explores house, pop and experimental genres – and most cannot be even clearly ordered into a precise genre.

To shoot the videos for the album, TheReLoud set up a three-day session at CROSS+STUDIO in Milan (Italy) gathering creators and artists such as dancers Giulia Pelagatti, Alice Celentano and Costantino Imperatore.

The result of the experience is a collection of visual journey as diverse as the style of the songs – intended nevertheless as chapters of a path towards emotions and liberations.

The final work is a 25-minutes video intended also as art-installation and performance, with TheReLoud producers Nello Greco and Alex Tripi following a choreography between improvisation and set steps – presented here in the “director’s cut”.


Directed by: Stefano Casertano
From an idea by Alex Tripi and Nello Greco a.k.a The ReLOUD and Stefano Casertano
Assistant director: Gabriele De Rossi
Art Director: Maddalena Bireau
Editing Assistant: Eugenio Monaci
Shooting and Production: Daring House
Executive production: Other Side Records / Creandi Group Srl
Make up stylist: Alice Taglietti
Special thanks to: Vincenzo Giangrasso, Nicole Foley
Music: Written, Arranged and Produced by: Alex Tripi and Nello Greco a.k.a The ReLOUD
Mixed by Gianni Bini at House of Glass studios
Mastered by Giuliano Radiciotti

Lenta Bellezza

A 25 minutes video experience between performance and visual art