Welcome to Schindler

Elevators and escalators are essential parts of our daily lives, moving us through spaces efficiently. Our production for Schindler aim to transform these everyday objects into symbols of innovation and reliability. Through a series of engaging photos and videos, we highlight Schindler’s commitment to safety, technology, and design.

Each video showcases Schindler’s products, blending the company’s rich history with its future vision. We also emphasize Schindler’s core identity of precision, quality, and customer focus. By combining clear visuals with strong narratives, we help redefine Schindler’s brand perception, positioning them as a leader in mobility solutions and a key contributor to modern urban life.


Agency: Daring House
Concept and direction: Stefano Casertano
Camera: Viviane Wild
Assistant Director: Lily Sievers
Make-up: Monique Bredow
Production Assistants: Jonathan Freschi and Eugenio Monaci
Backstage camera: Edoardo Mattos