Immersive Video Installation: City of Perugia

Perugia Folgora


Cinergie  I  PM  I  Umbira Domani  Perugia 1416  VG Magazine

To celebrate the 600th anniversary of the Renaissance in the city of Perugia, Daring House realized a permanent immersive video-installation in the historical building “Rocca Paolina”.

The experience develops through 30 years of Italian history beginning 1416, when commander Braccio Fortebraccio took over Perugia and led the town to join the new era.

The installation has been realized for the Cultural Senate of the City of Perugia.

“Perugia Folgora” has been reviewed on academic journal “Cinergie” as model example for the usage of videomapping in a cultural context.


Created by: Stefano Casertano and Monica Manganelli
Animations: Antonio Padovani for Daring House
Music: Studio De Falcon