Immersive Video Experience: City of Assisi

The Canticle of the Creatures

In development

On a total screening surface of 700 mq, Daring House is realizing an immersive installation dedicated to the life spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Mixing 2D and 3D animation, “The Canticle of the Creatures” is going to be screened in the historical hall of Monte Frumentario, in the town center.


Client: San Francesco Productions llc, California, USA
Created by: Stefano Casertano
Produced by: Daring House
Music: André Ripa РSpirit Musique
Vocals: Alessandro Brustenghi
Art Director: Alba Bianchi Romero
Lead Animator: Stefano Fiorello
Assistant Animator: Miriam Covelli
3D Artist: Leonardo Fregnan
Music mix: Eugenio Monaci
Production assistant: Marta Muzii
Art & Assets advisory: Lily Caroline Sievers
Techinics: FPService – Perugia