Music & Concerts

Daring House creates visual experiences for music ranging from song videos to concert scenographies.

Music and the bigger picture

Daring House creates videos that are part of the band image. We work together with artists to define the best storyline and photography to convey the atmosphere that best serves the soul of the performers and the music.

We have been working with the most diverse music genres, ranging from goth-metal, to folk-rock, indie rock and opera.

Unique traits: integrating music videos with concert scenographies

Daring House

The opera production for Teatro del Pavone

For a concert held at Teatro del Pavone in Perugia, Daring House produced a set of 14 digital scenographies with a double-layered projection system to convey a 3D immersive effect.

Some of the scenographies have been presented also as stand-alone videos for the web, creating a multi-channel Opera Experience.

The Teatro del Pavone has been screened on Russia’s second channel and has been hosted by soprano Ljuba Kazarnovskaya, with the conduction of Maestro Daniele Tirilli and the direction of Stefano Casertano.

A full digital opera scenography

Daring House produced the entire digital scenographies for a representation of “Turco in Italia” by Gioacchino Rossini, presented at Teatro Fraschini in Pavia for the Lombardy Opera Circuit.

The scenographies have been designed by Monica Manganelli and produced by Daring House, with video concept and direction by Stefano Casertano.

The production has been praised by “Opera Click as one of the best of the year. It received overall positive reviews as an entertaining, stylish and intense performance.

The new production of “The Turk in Italy” that debuted at Teatro Fraschini is an authentic little jewel.


Taste, elegance, lightness.

BG Opera Magazine

Everything works perfectly in this “Turk in Italy”

Rivista Musica