Commercial Storytelling: WeBuild

We Build Our Planet

Immersive Opera Experience: Teatro Fraschini

The Turk in Italy

Immersive Video Installation: City of Perugia

Perugia Folgora

Commercial Storytelling: Italian Rugby

Dentro c'è l'Italia

Music Video Series + Installation: TheReLoud

To the Other Side

Immersive Opera Experience: Teatro Pavone

I Capuleti e i Montecchi

Daring House developed a collection of nine videos for producers duo "The Reloud" and their new album "To the Other Side".

To The Other Side is also an immersive installation of dreams and sensations, exhibited in Milan and Rome.

Reinventing the brand experience of a historical construction company.

Exploring the role of infrastructure creation in global development.

A work in contemporary dance, holograms and imagination.

The Italian National Rugby Team as testimonial to raise awareness about the benefits of nuts consumption.

A cinematic video campaign for the Italian Presidency, involving also the Italian winner of the "Stockholm Water Prize".


"Offical selection" at "Venice Immersive" in 2023

"Special Prize of the Jury" at the Official Competition of Venice Film Festival in 2019

"Offical Selection" at Venice Film Festival in 2019


Francesca Della Ragione

Francesca is producer, director and actress. She studied acting at Bernard Hiller Acting Studio in Los Angeles and has extensive experience in all formats of media production. As director, she won the Rome International Movie Awards.

Jens Weber

Jens develops the choreographies for all the Daring House production. He has been principal dancer of the Berlin Staatsoper and soloist at Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo. He is Professor for Classic Dance at the University for the Arts of Folkwang.

Eugenio Monaci

Eugenio holds a degree in music composition from Milan Music School and creates scores for performances, films and commercials.

Francesco Ciccone

Francesco is Daring House's DOP in residence. He has been working for primary fiction and documentary productions in Europe; and in commercials for brands such as Fiat, Samsung and Alitalia. Francesco is also active in the music scene, realizing videos for contemporary bands and soloists.

Ornella Morsilli

Ornella graduated in Scenography at “Accademia di Belle Arti” in Rome, Italy, and started her career in the film industry in the production and direction departments. In 1999 she moved to the Casting Director role and she has been a member of the “Italian Casting Directors Association” since 2004 (“Unione Italiana Casting Director”)

Luigi De Pompeis

Luigi is Daring House's photographer in residence. He started is professional career in 2010 with a reportage about Rwanda's gorillas - and is now collaborating with agencies such as Alamy and Karmapress. His photos have appeared on Esquire, Times and The Sun.

Davide Tarantelli

Davide is a sound recordist and sound designer. He has been working for primary broadcasting companies and producers such as National Geographic, Sky, Discovery, Fox and Tim Communications.

Federico Di Veroli

Federico is a graduate of Queen Mary, University of London, with a BSc in Computer Science & Multimedia; and of City, University of London, MSc in Computer Games Technology.

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