The mafia is no longer what it used to be (2019)

Sicilian filmmaker Franco Maresco presents a witty portrait of his island, caught in a paradoxical rift between the “old” and the “new” mafia. We follow flamboyant agent Ciccio Mira in his attempt to set up a show to celebrate mafia martyr – although he refuses to say “no to mafia”. Photographer Letizia Battaglia is her virtuous opposite: a candid observer of Sicilian society, disillusioned and hopeful at the same time.

Credits and awards

Directed by Franco Maresco.

Produced by Rean Mazzone and Anna Vinci (Ila Palma), with the associate production of Daring House


The film has been selected in the Official Competition of the Venice Film Festival and received a Silver Lion as Special Prize of the Jury.

A Symphony for Rossini (2017)

A Symphony for Rossini: Il Turco in Italia” is an experimental short where animation meets the great tradition of Italian opera. In a paper theater, a scenography becomes the notebook of the protagonist, a poet that wanders in Naples in search of inspiration for his new story. “I’m obliged to write a farce, and I cannot find a subject!” is the motto of the poet in this visual-musical tale where watercolors reveal poetic views of Naples, where ink blurs come to life and create a fantastic world.

Credits and awards

Directed by Monica Manganelli and produced by Stefano Casertano for Daring House.


Festivals (selection):

  • Animasyros, Greece International animation festival 2017
  • China International new Media short film festival 2017
  • CARDIFF International film festival 2017
  • MUVI, Music international film festival Lisbon 2017

People of Love and Rage (2016)

In the largest building in Europe, Rome’s 1-km long Corviale, a former criminal and an artist create an association for culture and handicraft, facing the opposition of some locals, together with their own inner limits. Shot in black and white, this unconventional documentary is structured as a neorealism film inspired by the likes of De Sica and Pasolini.

Credits and awards

Directed by Stefano Casertano and produced by Antonio Padovani for Daring House.



  • Best Documentary Feature – DocFeed Eindhoven
  • Honorable Mention¬† – Rome Independent Film Festival

Festivals (selection)

  • Venice Film Week
  • Broadway International Film Festival
  • Polish International Film Festival
  • FicAutor Mexico City

The Ballad of the Homeless (2015)

The Ballad of homeless is a poetic and surreal animated short that presents a journey into the lands devastated by the earthquake in Emilia Romagna (2012), through the eyes of a child and his friends, a snail.

Credits and awards

Directed by Monica Manganelli. Executive producer: Stefano Casertano for Daring House.


Awards (selection):

  • LA Short Fest (Academy Awards Qualifier): Best animated short
  • Silver Ribbon ( Nastro d’Argento): Best Animation
  • Anim!Arte: Best Film World Cultures
  • Davide di Donatello: Nomination
  • Voghera Film Festival
  • Athens Animfest