Social Campaign

Diesel Jeans Collection

Fashion brand Diesel Jeans teamed up with the most nonsensical of design partners: the Kebab stand of Mustafa in Berlin. Although Mustafa is probably the most famous Kebab chef in the world, he is not really known as fashion designer – hence the inspiration to do something crazy.

Along the years, the booth of Mustafa has been covered in stickers and graffiti of the most diverse kind. This visual anarchy prompted Diesel to create a pop-up collection and shake up the fashion world.

Daring House created a set of social videos that helped to sell-out the collection in a single day.

We supported not only brand building, but also making a celebrity out of Mustafa.


Agency: Publicis Media
Direction: Stefano Casertano
Camera: Kristina Mica
Editor: Kai Schwarz


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