Music Video: Alessandro Ligi


For Roman pianist Alessandro Ligi, Daring House created the main video to launch the 2021 single “Carousel”. Alessandro is represented by music label “Believe” and his songs are featured on popular playlists such as “Movie Soundtracks” and “Soft Piano”.

The story is one of a “runaway bride” inspired by Italan motives and passion, with the participation of model Diletta Gianni.

Locations include insiring veiws from the countryside around Rome and a villa used also for the 1988 film by Hanns Christian Müller “Man spricht Deutsh”.


Written and directed by Stefano Casertano for Daring House Film Company
Starring Diletta Gianni
Executive Producer: Alessandro Ligi and Diana Pintaldi
Photography: Stefano Casertano
Art Direction: Diana Pintaldi
Camera Assistant: Gabriele De Rossi
Special thanks: Enzo Ceci, Federica Olivieri and Maddalena Olivieri