How to present a pop-up restaurant like it’s Blade Runner.

When presenting a menu is not enough

A restaurant experience is not just about the menu: restaurants present an entire world of emotions and stories.

For the Berlin-based The Kids Agency, Daring House created a story inspired by the atmospheres of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner.

Escaping reality – and presenting the place

The video starts with a chase and a girl seeking refuge in the ChinaChinaTown restaurant, where she is led to experience a new dimension of perception.

As she is wandering around the place, she discovers everything the venue has to offer – not just Chinese dishes, but also live music, a tattoo parlor, Korean-style karaoke and areas for inspiration and socialization.


Title: ChinaChinaTown

Client: The Kids Agency

Year. 2018

Concept and Direction: Stefano Casertano