Little Italy

When some great people create an authentic 1960s Italian riviera bar in Berlin, a 1960s video is needed.

Split screen like it’s the 1960s again

In 1968 Norman Jewison directed “The Thomas Crown Affair”, a brilliant film that made wide use of the split screen technique. It defined an era – together with other stylish masterpieces such as “Grand Prix” by John Frankheimer (1966) and the documentary about Woodstock by Michael Wadleigh.

Daring House used the same approach to tell the multiple stories that go in and around the “Little Italy” bar in Berlin, created by the The Kids Agency.

Not just a bar: a real Italian experience

Campari, Aperol Spritz, Italian gelato and the most classic of Italian “piazza” (square). An engaging video as if the viewer had been there.


Title: Little Italy

Client: The Kids Agency

Year. 2018

Concept and Direction: Stefano Casertano