What if Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida took over a town in Italy?

Reaching the Opera world with a new language

Daring House was asked to create a promotional video for an opera production including classic interviews.

We suggested something different.

What if the Opera attacked a town?

Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida is an opera staged in Ancient Egypt, and in some historical representations actual elephants have been used.

It is therefore on a line of tradition that we animated elephants attacking the town of Perugia, where the production is set to be staged.

A video with an Opera production idea

As the story develops, in the video Daring House presented ideas for the digital scenographies to be screened at Teatro Morlacchi in Perugia.

The project was to create 360° digital scenographies to be projected also on the opera boxes, with a total immersive effect unique in the Opera world.


Title: Aida, an Italian dream

Year: 2016

Client: Teatro Opera Morlacchi