Brands & Businesses

Videos with a soul from a company with a soul

We are passionate film producers and we edit a magazine about the newest tendencies in the arts, music and business.

We have an expertise that ranges from film photography, to extensive marketing knowledge – with an MBA from Columbia University and years of business consulting experience.

Be it an image film, a branding video, a commercial or a recruiting video – we take special care at developing interesting storylines that are consistent with the overall communication strategy.

A video is a new beginning.

A new video represents a changing moment for a brand or a company. We aim at taking you to your new goals.

It accounts not only for startups: also established companies need to continuously set new goals. Videos are building blocks for the changing perception of the brand.

But we will not aim just at “being viral”, because internet sensations do not necessarily translate into branding success.

Quality and positive perception is key to create a video strategy that truly serves your needs.

We can integrate promotional videos with conference installations

Daring House develops digital scenographies for music concerts – and the same approach can be used for conferences and meetings.