Rocca Paolina

Rediscovering an ancient fortress in an Italian medieval town through a permanent video installation

The Culture Ministry of the city of Perugia asked Daring House to develop an immersive video installation capable of attracting visitors to the hidden rooms of the Rocca Paolina historical building.

A forgotten secret

“Grande Nero” by Alberto Burri (1980)

As many other European towns, Perugia has gone through industrialization with peculiar effects of urban planning on the traditional structure of the city.

For some strange reasons, the historical “Rocca Paolina” fortress had ended up being a mere passage structure between a large parking and the high-town, as Perugia is located on a hilltop.

The efforts of the City Council have been aimed at assigning a new role to the Rocca, starting with the installation of a massive sculpture by Alberto Burri, il “Grande Nero”, in 2015

An immersive experience

“Perugia Folgora”

The goal of the installation was to portrait the story of the Renaissance in Perugia through a mix of emotion and information

Renaissance was brought to Perugia by a noble outcast named Braccio da Montone, who had left the town years before due to power struggles between the most powerful families in the area.

Braccio conquered the city by force and soon invited artists from all over Italy to let Perugia embrace the new era: a time of wealth and development.

In an evocative setting, at the very heart of the Rocca Paolina, feel an experience rich in emotions. At night, in the skies of a Perugia of past ages, looking at its monuments and artworks.

Daring House
An ancient map of the Rocca

Success story

The “Perugia Folgora” video installation succeeded at attracting visitors at the Rocca Paolina, with the work being displayed every and a relevant press response. The City of Perugia is currently working with Daring House for additional installations of this kind.

The Rocca painted by Giuseppe Rossi


“Perugia Folgora” is an immersive video installation created by Daring House on a concept by Stefano Casertano and Monica Manganelli.

VFX & Animation: Antonio Padovani

Sound effects: De Falcon Studio – Berlin

Visitor information

The video is permanently visible at the Sala del Caminetto, Rocca Paolina
Opening hours 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Free entrance

Press (selection)

It sounded an excellent plan, no doubt, and very neatly and simply arranged; the only difficulty was, that she had not the smallest idea how to set about it; and while she was peering about anxiously among the trees, a little sharp bark just over her head made her look up in a great hurry.