A Green Screen Adventure in Cinecittà

How to involve viewers into special effects at Cinecittà’s permanent installation “Cinecittà si mostra”

The largest and longest-serving film studio in Europe, Italy’s Cinecittà, asked Daring House to create a work to showcase how the green screen special effect works.

The Far-West, the Outer Space and the Marine Kingdom

Flamboyant and excessive, loaded with filmic references and almost heavy in its style, the Daring House video is part of an interactive museum installation.

Viewers can interact with the video and have to follow precise steps to avoid being hit by a train, an asteroid and a submarine.

The video is completed by an introduction clip outlining all the necessary movements in order to survive the three film worlds created by Daring house.


  • Production: Stefano Casertano – Daring House
  • Artistic Direction: Monica Manganelli
  • VFX & Animation: Antonio Padovani

Visitor information

“Cinecittà si Mostra”

Via Tuscolana 1055 – 00173 Rome (Italy)

Open daily (except Tuesdays), from 9.30 to 18.30.
The ticket office closes at 16.30.