TV Doc: Italian Culture Institute

Dante in Berlin

To commemorate Italian Poet Laureate Dante Alighieri in his 700th anniversary I’ve been asked by the Italian Culture Institute to create a minidoc with actors declaming verses from the Divine Comedy and experts talking about the passages.

The video has been part of a global initiative involving all the Italian cultural institutes in the world, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Culture and by the main Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera”.

I could enjoy the collaboration of Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin that allowed actors Lara Feith and Emre Aksızoğlu to partake in the production.

The inspiration of the video is that of existentialist French films from the 1960s-70s. Corriere della Sera enjoyed the result so much, that it selected my video as opener for all the series.


Directed and shot by: Stefano Casertano
Production Assistant: Jonathan Freschi
Starring: Lara Feith and Emre Aksızoğlu
Comments and interviews: Prof. Dr. Maria Carolina Foi, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Huss, Dr. Dagmar Korbacher
Colorist: Leo Ferri
Continuity: Udo Verda
Subtitling:Kathrin Füchtemann, Georg Gehlhoff, Maria Carolina Foi