Digital innovation

changes the perception of value.


How can you thrive in the new digital economy?


Are new media changing the perception of brands?


What does the Metaverse mean for my company?


How do I know if my idea works in the new media arena?

Daring House creates immersive experiences

integrated with your brand strategy.

We make people live and feel your brand.

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Media campaigns that capture attention.

One of the first media agencies to discover the potential of the Metaverse for brands

We help you defining the personality of your brand, targeting the perfect audiences.

We leverage all communication channels to create a total branding experience.

We develop bespoke strategies in digital and print communication, to promote brands, products and services.

We can create new digital branding experiences leveraging immersive and multi-media projects.

We are the Daring House.

Shooting a social campaign for the launch of the new Diesel Jeans collection in Berlin.

The most daring collaboration at the Bread & Butter fashion meeting - live posting, drops, events.

Recreating the visual image of elevators and escalators maker Schindler.

A photoshooting to recreate the entire photo portfolio for socials and magazines.

Rebranding the a 35,000 people strong construction company.

Every video is a performance: contemporary dance to celebrate the genius of creation.

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