Winter Fall 2019

Daring House will be offering two courses in the fall: a technical “Videomaking course” focused on the use of shooting equipment, and a “Documentary Filmmaking Course” focused on video storytelling.

1) Complete Videomaking Course

  • Dates: 19. Feb 2019 – 9. April 2019
  • Total classes: 8
  • Instructor: Stefano Casertano
  • Course held in collaboration with Berlino Schule

Learn all the secrets to operate a videocamera or a DSLR camera and create professional videos. From the technique of holding a camera, to lenses selection and picture profiles: basic and advanced skills will be covered in the program.

The course aims at creating professionals for the video production world, be it for commercial or private endeavors. Videomaking is a skill required in any branch of promotion, and companies are creating positions such as that of “Video Content Managers” to satisfy the new communication request.

The course is held in cooperation with the production company Daring House, certified video supplier of primary European media outlets. Daring House is also a film and video production company for cinema and TV. DSLR or camcorders are not required to attend the course but are a strong plus in order to practice. Any model is accepted.

The course will be based on a Sony FS5 and a Canon 5D Mark IV. The program consists of 8 lessons that will be held at the Daring House studio in Berlin Mitte and at the Klickoo fotostudios in Mitte.

For the complete program please refer to the Facebook event page.

To apply, refer to our contact page.

2) Documentary Filmmaking 101

  • Dates: Mid-February to Mid-April (to be defined
  • Total classes: 6
  • Instructor: Stefano Casertano
  • Course held in collaboration with Berlino Schule

Create your own short documentary in six classes! The Daring House/Berlino Schule Documentary School opens its doors with a basic module about documentary filmmaking. Digital technology allows now more people to express their vision of reality – and this is what our course is about. In a set of structured meetings, attendees will learn how to find, shoot and edit a story, in close interaction with an enthusiastic group of people. The films will then be presented in a short documentary film and a certificate of attendance will be given to every student.

The course is practical and will take you to create your film FOR REAL. During classes, you will operate your own camera and have a look at videos of niche and established filmmakers.

The course is in English and the instructor also speaks fluent German, Italian and Spanish.

The course is for those who want to try their hands at filmmaking as a hobby or are considering making it a profession; for journalists wanting to expand their audiovisual skills; for film-enthusiasts wanting to learn the process of filmmaking.

If you want to be updated about the course, please refer to our contact page.