Our upcoming VR project “Tales of the March” has been selected by the Venice Biennale for the VR college development program.

Director Stefano Casertano and co-producer Stefano Bethlen will partake in a seminar from 12th to 20th January 2021 together with 11 more projects. The seminar is usually held at “San Severo” island in the Venice’s lagoon, but this year it has been transferred to a virtual environment due to the pandemic.

Daring House would like to thank the selection committee and the director of the Venice Film Festival Alberto Barbera for the unique opportunity.

“Tales of the March” is a VR experience about the death marches. In this historical tragedy, in the winter between 1994 and 1945 thousands of prisoners were forced to leave concentration camps around Europe and march hundreds of miles towards central Germany. The film is financed by the Berlin-Brandenburg Medienboard and enjoys the scientific support of the German Foundation about the Death Marches. The film is produced by Daring House (Stefano Casertano), Stefano Bethlen (Milano Talent Factory) and Rean Duilio Mazzone (Ila Palma).