We are very pleased to announce that our coming virtual reality project “Tales of the March” has been granted a 50,000 euro funding by the Berlin-Brandenburg Medienboard.

Our film is dedicated to the final phase of the Shoah, when thousands of prisoners were forced to leave concentration camps and walk towards central Germany. The film is inspired by accounts of survivors such as Hungarian Jehuda Berkovits’s “Ich will dich tragen”. This historical event concerned not just Jewish people (that represented a mere 10-15% of survivors at the time), but also political prisoners, PoW, Roma and Sinti, queers and other minorities.

In this project we also enjoy the support of the German foundation about the Death Marches, the “Gedenkstätte Todesmärsche im Belower Wald“, in terms of consulting for historical accuracy and archival material.

“Tales of the March” is planned for release in 2022 and will be directed by Stefano Casertano, for the production of Rean Mazzone and Stefano Bethlen. 

Daring House thanks the Medienboard for the great opportunity and is looking forward to a great collaboration.