Alessandro Ligi is a Roman-based composer whose piano works are inspired by the new classical style of Ludovico Einaudi, Philip Glass and Max Richter. He first gained popularity through Spotify in 2018 and now accounts as one of the most celebrated composers in the genre.

Alessandro asked us to create a short film to comment his latest work “Carousel”, a cinematic tune with deep touches of melancholy.

The video has been shot in various locations in Italy and it marks the “back-to-production” project of Daring House after the 2020 lockdown. We are truly touched by the privilege Alessandro conceded us to create this film together.



A song by Alessandro Ligi – LabDab Recording 2020


Video written and directed by Stefano Casertano for Daring House Film Company

Starring Diletta Gianni

Production: Daring House

Executive Producers: Alessandro Ligi and Stefano Casertano

Photography: Stefano Casertano

Art Direction: Diana Pintaldi

Camera Assistant: Gabriele De Rossi

Special thanks: Enzo Ceci, Federica Olivieri and Maddalena Olivieri