On 2. May 2019 Daring House director Stefano Casertano will be moderating a talk about Socialist Architecture at Soho House in Berlin with Frankfurter Allgemeine architecture critic Niklas Maak and architects Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge, Philipp Meuser and Andrea Liguori.

The talk will present a selection of case-studies concerning urban policy choices between preservation and renewal in Berlin, including the Palast der Republik, Alexanderplatz, Karl Marx Alee and the House of Statistics. A “popular jury” will then decide about the ideal policy to be followed in each case.

Berlin-born singer and songwriter Akeli Firedenssonne will perform some songs inspired by the city, including “Devilman”, a composition written during the demolition of Berlin’s Palasthotel.

Access to the talk is on invitation basis and for Soho House members and guests.

Where: Soho House Berlin

When: 2. May 2019, 8pm

How: info@daringhouse.com